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Certified Organic Farm Fresh Produce

Organic Farm Produce

We are proud to provide organic farm fresh produce on Salt Spring Island British Columbia. Come visit us today at our farm stand. We are right up Muskgrave road on the left side at at 235 Musgrave Road.When you’re on Isabella point rd take a right just after Drummond Park.

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Pastured Eggs & Chickens

Are you looking for organic chickens or free range eggs on Salt Spring Island. Did you know that we have organic farm fresh, free range, pastured chickens that we love and care for just so you can have amazing eggs. Yup That’s right. Get em while they last.

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We Like Local Farms

We are proud to be local Salt Spring Island Farmers. It’s an amazing community of people making waves that support the health, vitality of the people by supercharging them with organic sunlight charged food. We believe in feeding the earth. Treat yourself and share you’re experience on our Hope Hill Facebook Page.

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  • The first time I bought this farm's eggs I was hooked: the eggs are super fresh, the yolks are a beautiful strong yellow and the texture is perfect both when cracked open raw, and after frying sunny-side up. Our household uses about three dozen eggs per month and -- because the eggs are so fresh we ALWAYS go out of our way to buy from Hope Hill Farm, which lucky for us is located near where we live. I trust the family who lives and farms their land and love the eggs!

    Dennis L
  • Hope Hill has the best free range, organic chickens I've tasted on Salt Spring Island. Also one of the top 3 farm stands for for free range pastured eggs because the free access to sun, bugs and fresh air makes the yolks so much richer in flavour and color.

    Nigel KSalt Spring Island